The Most Haunted Places in Nevada

If you’re looking for a place of genuine scare, haunted houses with its supernatural dwellers would definitely top the list of places that you should go to especially during the Halloween.
Nevada might be a city of twinkling lights and bustling nights, but there are places in Nevada where you might find scary – and not just because you’d be losing money from casino machines but because you might come face-to-face with supernatural beings.

Abandon house
Abandon house

Looking for Nevada’s Most Haunted Places
The mere fact that there are supernatural beings moving among the world of the living is more than enough of a challenge to try with your friends and colleagues. People love the glitter and light of Nevada, so why not supernatural beings like ghosts as well? Beware though that while you may consider yourself brave, going after the most haunted places in this list should not be a solo project. Again, visiting haunted houses is DEFINITELY NOT A SOLO PROJECT. If you wish to scare yourself, do the scaring spree with your friends. The experience would be more fun and you can share your experiences even if you all went together. So if you really date, here are some of the most haunted places in Nevada that would chill your bones to a scare…
• Silver Queen Hotel – the Silver Queen is a famous hotel built in 1876 and it’s also home to a very ancient prostitute ghost named Rosie who happened to commit suicide in her room’s bathtub. Rosie’s ghost now wanders the hotel and tends to frighten guest especially of the male population. If you wish to meet Rosie, visiting Room 11 would be more ideal although Room 13 also holds a few promises of supernatural and paranormal encounters.

• Mizpah Hotel – according to legends, the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada is witness to a murder of a lady that still haunts the hotel up to this day. Several accounts of occupants tell that “sighs and groans” can be heard from the first stall of the woman’s bathroom. A few accounts also tell that men tend to feel a brush on their hair or a touch of a woman’s fingers.
• Temple Bar Marina – deaths from building constructions are always a root of haunted places and plenty of ghost stories. The Temple Bar Marina had its workers die during construction and from then on, the Temple Bar have been home to a number of restless ghosts with apparitions of men showing up in old-fashioned work clothes and footsteps heard in restricted areas.
• Goldfield Hotel – the story of a pregnant prostitute killed by her own lover who is said to be the former owner of the Goldfield Hotel still haunts the place to this day. The story is that, the owner tied his lover to a radiator and killed her when she had the baby. The hotel has been a well-known destination for Ghost Hunters and other similar programs due to the place’s plenty of supernatural sightings and activity.
• Nevada Hotel – once operating as a hotel, the Nevada Hotel now stands as a bar and casino. But that didn’t stop the place from being haunted. Several witnesses claimed that there are weird noises going around the place. Cold spots are often felt too and upstairs, where the motels are located, very weird things and other supernatural activity always seem to happen.